Classical Guitar carbn fiber guitar 38inch


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  • The body is shaped safely, implying that the scaffold is a durable piece of the top, not stuck upon like conventional acoustic guitars. It could never snap or tumble off. The size makes it truly advantageous to convey. Taking it out to the entryway patio, or tossing it to the rear of your vehicle, it’s worked for that.
    Colour White
    Back Material Type Wood, Carbon Fibre
  • 【39 inch Classic Guitar】:This nylon string guitar is ideal for over 12 years old. It looks and sounds
  • great. Easy to play for a beginner or a experienced player.
  • 【Basswood Top Back Sides】:Guitar features a Laminated Basswood Top and sturdy & 4/4 Size dreadnought body with smooth curves, promoting comfort during playing.
  • 【Smooth Tuning Pegs】:The pegs of this beginner guitar are smooth and well made . It is easy to adjust with the chrome geared tuning head to keep the guitar in tune.
  • 【Tune Frequently】:When playing the guitar, do you need frequent tuning? Don’t worry, this is a common phenomenon for new guitars or guitars that have not been played for a long time, This phenomenon will gradually decrease after you continue to play for a period of time.
Material TypeWood,
Carbon Fibre
Weight 1.100 kg
Dimensions 45 × 90 × 23 cm


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